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Cody woman’s book ‘guide’ to happiness

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Press Room

Cody woman’s book ‘guide’ to happiness

Life coach and author Loree Bischoff, photographer Kathy Singer and Soroptimists are teaming up to benefit local Crisis Intervention Services.

The women will host a celebration of Bischoff's new book "Common Sense Happiness" 3-6 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 12.

Proceeds will go to Soroptimist International to benefit the women's shelter, Crisis Intervention Services, and to educate employers about workplace abuse.


The book signing will take place at Kathy Singer Photography at 1702 23rd St. With a $10 donation, guests will receive an autographed copy of the book. For an additional $10, visitors can have a portrait taken by Singer.

Buffalo Bill Cody Beer, owned by Bischoff and her husband, will be matching the donations dollar-per-dollar.

"This book wasn't designed for just women," Bischoff says. "It's for anyone who's willing to take the risk that they might affect change in their own life - on their own, without assistance or depending on anyone else.
"Sometimes, it's a hard pill for people to swallow when the responsibility of their own happiness is put in their own lap."

Earning life coach certification from Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, Ariz., Bischoff, who has a home on Diamond Basin south of Cody, began writing some of her strategies three years ago.

"When you find something good, you naturally want to share it with others," she said. "The book will allow me to share what I have learned with more people than I do on a one-on-one basis."

Filled with down-to-earth comments about her 27-year marriage to professional wrestling promoter and television producer Eric Bischoff and their two children, the book contains what she calls the five "Life A-Mazing Principles" for achieving fulfillment in life.

"Following these principles can help with whatever you are searching for - whether it be a better job, money or a relationship," she said.
During the years she spent working on the book, Bischoff made sure it stayed a "passion project" and not a chore.

Having never published a book, she only wrote when she felt inspired. Then, after discovering an online writing course, "Common Sense Happiness" began to take form.

"I thought the worst case scenario would be that if it didn't go anywhere, at least every member of my family would get a book," she said. "Because I love coaching and feel strongly that these tools can help people, I wanted to figure out a way to reach out to more people.

"I had never taken a writing class, but I thought I would just dive in and figure it out as I went along because I already knew what my message was."
The foreword in Bischoff's book is written by family friend and colleague Terry "Hulk Hogan" Bollea.

"He's been through some really tough experiences in the last few years and hit a critical low-point in his life," Bischoff said.

While she was not his life coach, Bischoff said having "The Hulk" write the foreword in her book was fitting.

Describing Hogan as the "golden arches" of strength, Bischoff added that personal losses and life changes can weaken anyone's spirit, no matter their physical appearance.

"Terry had the opportunity to embrace the growth that these experiences provided him and became a more positive and hopeful person in spite of the hardships in his life that were played out in front of the whole world," she said. "He came through using many of the principles I wrote about before I even made the book because they are just common sense."

"Common Sense Happiness" can be ordered online at loreebischoff.com, amazon.com, and commonsensehappiness.com.

Exercises can be found throughout the book and free worksheets are available to download.

"No matter who you are or what challenges you face, this book will help you move past negativity and into the beautiful life you deserve," Hogan challenges readers in the foreword. "The choice for happiness is yours - whatcha gonna do?"

"Hopefully, my book will be a metaphoric ‘knock some sense' into people," she adds. "Ultimately, to be truly happy, you need to grow and contribute beyond yourself - that's why it's important that my book starts out giving to others."